Elle Chrupcala

Client Services Consultant

Boston, MA 617.936.7761

I’m a very competitive person, so finance is an appealing space for me. I liken investing in the stock market to training to play a sport. You use different methods or lineups to execute a play, and you fine-tune that execution through practice. There’s always an X factor, and that’s what makes it interesting. Personalities come into play in both sports and the stock market, and I love working with the people on my team toward a common goal.

I have a degree in International Relations with a concentration in Economics, however, I’ve also always been interested in software from a technical standpoint. Marketing provided me the opportunity to combine my interests in a customer-facing role.

What I like about sales and marketing is that there are many diverse areas to specialize in. There’s the creative side, but there’s also a technical side that includes data and analytics, which is where I thrive.

I worked as an account manager at a small business-to-business marketing firm. I enjoyed interacting with clients and being the point person for an account. I took on the challenge of using traditional marketing techniques in the business-to-business space.

I attended Tufts University in Massachusetts, which was the only college I applied to. I knew I wanted to enroll when I saw the application essay titled, “Celebrate your nerdy side.” Tufts exposes its students to a wide curriculum and challenges them to become comfortable with uncomfortable subjects or situations. Some of my most memorable classes were those outside my major—where I was pushed beyond my comfort zone.

I’ve run the Boston Marathon and I’m training for the Marine Corps Marathon, both for charity. I support organizations that provide trauma treatment to underprivileged patients and that help veterans transition from active military service to civilian life.

I grew up in Rhode Island, which has beautiful beaches and a vibrant culinary scene. I am so lucky to have had parents that challenged me and held me to high standards. I attended a small all-girls Quaker school in Providence.