Stephen Ketchmere

Senior Client Services Consultant

Los Angeles, CA 310.448.6877

In my 20 years at William O’Neil + Company, I’ve enjoyed training and working with the some of the brightest minds on Wall Street. I relish the opportunity to work with individuals who have been incredibly successful and show them how our services can add value to their investment routine. At the same time, I’ve learned a lot from our clients and the ways they approach investing and asset management.

The smart, well-rounded people here are a very important part of why I enjoy my job.

Being in a fraternity at SUNY Buffalo was a great social experience, of course, but I also learned a great deal from the charity work we did for the local community. I was an Accounting major, but since I was more interested in Finance, I earned my MBA.

Growing up, I watched my dad work the C-shift as a machinist in Rochester, NY and that really taught me the meaning of hard work. In high school I worked in a grocery store, doing everything from stocking shelves to working as a cashier. Watching my four-year-old fraternal twins develop their own little personalities is awesome. My son is just like me, laid back and thoughtful. My daughter is exactly like my wife, energetic and determined.

I love golfing – a sport that encourages two qualities that I admire: professionalism and honesty. I’ve played some of the most beautiful courses in Southern California and also had the opportunity to play in Scotland, where my wife and I honeymooned.

I am an avid sports fan. While I don’t excel at any one sport in particular, I can play most of them reasonably well. I think sports and statistics are deeply intertwined, and my interest in both drives my passion for sports statistics.

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