Romeo Alvarez

Director, Research Analyst

Los Angeles, CA 310.448.6913

I am the regional lead for LATAM and I cover the technology sector, including nascent technologies like self-driving cars and artificial intelligence. I find it fascinating  to see how the companies in that space develop. Our O’Neil Methodology helps me identify true leaders in each trend, something that Mr. O’Neil himself stressed all the time.

My work on Trend Watch allows me to study in depth the trends that are changing the world and driving the market. Self-driving cars are a great example, where older business models are being rewired. Disruptors fit well into our O’Neil Methodology, because we’re looking for innovative business leaders and companies with new products that suggest high growth. That’s where the true winners emerge.

I’ve really connected with the O’Neil Methodology. I took the time to study it intensively, practice it on my own, and learn how it can help our clients. Using it on my own taught me the importance of having a process and a set of proven rules. I’ve seen that it’s a winning strategy, and I have strong conviction in it. This success has led me to the opportunity to manage a portfolio for the firm.

For my MBA, I spent three weeks in South America working with governments, college professors, and financial institutions to study how sustainable lending practices are applied in the region. The trip really expanded my horizons and gave me a broader perspective. That global mindset is why I focus on Brazil and Latin America for our Global Focus List, which tracks emerging secular trends around the world.

My dad worked for the Central Bank of El Salvador, so I’ve always had an interest in finance, but working in the stock market there was not really an option. When I came to the U.S. and saw that it was an option here, I knew that’s what I wanted to do.

I have always been fascinated by market dynamics. I wake up every day interested to see what will happen in the market. You never know how the market will react or what it will react to. The learning process never ends, and that fits in well with my mentality of avoiding complacency.