Raj Gupta

Executive Director, Research Analyst

Los Angeles, CA 310.448.6912

I have been part of an analyst team that has learned the O’Neil Methodology over a number of years at the firm. Our methodology’s unique ability to time an entry and exit based on historical analysis has worked time and time again, giving us conviction in our method and subsequently our recommendations to our clientele. Currently I'm the regional lead for the U.S. and I cover the health care sector, looking for potential outperformers from a global perspective.

I used the knowledge I gained from years of utilizing our methodology to help launch our Global Focus List collection, including the U.S. Focus List. Learning this methodology has allowed me to put together multiple triple-digit returns in my associate trading account, which eventually led to an opportunity to manage an equity portfolio for the firm.

I have had a passion for the stock market since I was a freshman in college. I came across a copy of Investor’s Business Daily and learned that William O’Neil created a stock-picking system that, if executed with discipline, could lead to self-sufficiency. I followed the market over my four years at the University of California Santa Barbara before eventually applying for a research analyst position at William O’Neil + Company. I worked in Data Research for a number of years, using the opportunity to learn and apply the O’Neil Methodology to my own investing portfolio.

After working at William O’Neil + Company for over a decade, I have developed close friendships with a number of my coworkers, whom I see frequently outside the office. Even outside of work, we can’t help but discuss the market.

My wife Blaire shares my passion for sports, travel, and food. We enjoy trying new restaurants and going to soccer, basketball, baseball, and football games together. We also try to commit to at least one major travel adventure each year.

I enjoy working and talking with our clients, and I touch base with them on a weekly basis or travel to visit them in person. I like getting to know them as people as well as getting to know their investing style and outlook.