Michael Cagney

Executive Director, Research Sales

Chicago, IL 310.448.6046

I cover financial institutions, mainly in the Midwest. The part of this work that I enjoy most is relationship building. I have been fortunate over the years to become very good friends with many of clients and that is extremely rewarding.

I am excited to introduce clients to the O’Neil Methodology and help them generate alpha in their portfolios. I have always believed that if you add value for clients, they will be successful, and in turn, we will be successful as well.

What drew me to William O’Neil + Company was the fact that this is a company with 53 years of history and proven performance, yet it feels like a start-up. That was a very exciting to me.

I was born in the northern suburbs of Chicago, went to college on the east coast, spent 5 years in NY post-college and moved back to Chicago in 2004 to get my MBA. I now live back in those same northern suburbs I was born in, with my wife Ann-Marie and my four sons, who are the most important thing in the world to me.

When I am not working, in the summer you can find me on a golf course or at Wrigley cheering on the Cubs. In the winter, I’m out on our backyard ice rink with my kids.

Consistency is the key. I come in each morning and think about each client individually and try and figure out how I can add value for them on a daily basis.