Kenley Scott

Director, Research Analyst

Los Angeles, CA 310.448.6979

I am an analyst for our Global Focus List Committee, which approves all equity recommendations for developed, emerging, and frontier markets. I am also our lead sector strategist, helping our clients find investable stocks in areas of developing strength throughout the world.

As a research analyst, I was able to learn stock picking from William O’Neil himself. I made an effort to become an expert in the O’Neil Methodology, and began picking stocks for our Global Focus List. It was easy to see that our methodology translated well to international markets. The same factors that make stock prices rise and fall here are at work everywhere.

I’ve always been naturally inclined to look for trends or patterns in data, and I majored in Statistics at UC Riverside. After college, I worked as a commodities broker.

I love the music scene here in Los Angeles, especially all the great festivals we have. Coachella is my favorite. Off hours, though, you can still find me watching the markets and the news that might affect them.

I feel lucky to work in a place where I have access to so much knowledge and information about the world’s markets. We take pride in synthesizing a lot of information together to discern what’s going on in the world’s markets. I try to take advantage of that and learn as much as I can.