Irusha Peiris

Executive Director, Research Analyst

Los Angeles 310.448.6964

Investing is a marathon, not a sprint. I began trading stocks early in my career while working at Fidelity. I rode a lot of stocks up in 1999—and then all the way back down too. The dotcom bubble bursting was my impetus to studying the market. After spending many train commutes poring over Investor’s Business Daily and reading William J. O’Neil’s 24 Essential Lessons for Investment Success, I began successfully using the O’Neil Methodology in my trading practices.

Learning from your mistakes is an important lesson. My experience through multiple market cycles, particularly the drawdowns in 2000 and 2009, taught me the importance of employing risk management to protect your capital during corrections. Hearing Scott O’Neil’s post-analysis presentation on his investing mistakes made a lasting impression on me as a young trader. Trading mistakes can be the biggest investing lessons.

I admire William J. O’Neil. He has empowered the next generation of investors. And his O’Neil Methodology is unique in the way that it provides a holistic quantitative, qualitative, fundamental, and technical approach to stock analysis. When I was getting my M.S. in Investment Management from Boston University, the focus was on value investing, which is only a small piece of the pie.

Research is in my DNA. I earned my B.S. in Biology from Tufts University. Before entering the financial services world, I spent time at New England Medical Center doing research work on glaucoma. Gathering good data to make sound decisions is a theme that has come into play in all the industries I’ve worked in—healthcare, programming, and financial services.

When your work is also your hobby, it doesn’t feel like a job. In addition to my current role at William O’Neil + Co., I am a portfolio manager at O’Neil Global Advisors. I joined William O’Neil + Co.’s affiliate company Investor’s Business Daily/MarketSmith (acquired by News Corp in 2021) in 2009 as a product coach. I was later promoted to manager of the MarketSmith team in 2015.  If I look familiar, you might recognize me from my presentations at investing events, my educational webinars, or the IBD podcast that I previously hosted.

You cannot beat the Los Angeles weather. After decades of living in Boston and upstate New York, I am grateful for the California sunshine. Earning my MBA at the University of Southern California brought me to Los Angeles and the weather has kept me here.

I’m a diehard Raiders fan. I have rooted for the Raiders since 1984.  The first football game I watched was the Raiders winning the Super Bowl.  It’s been a lot of pain ever since.  Much like the O’Neil Methodology, I’ve always appreciated the Raiders being different and going against the grain.