Cornelio Ash

Director, Research Analyst

Los Angeles, CA 310.448.6859

I cover the technology sector from a global perspective, with a focus on software-related companies and how the cloud and other emerging technologies are impacting a wide array of industries.

Before working at William O’Neil + Company, I had never really looked at a chart let alone understood how it complemented fundamental research. So much of my work before had centered around valuation. Two books that increased my interest for investing were One Up on Wall Street by Peter Lynch and Edwin Lefevre’s Reminiscences of a Stock Operator, about the life of Jesse Livermore.  But ultimately I was intrigued most by the O’Neil Methodology and was impressed how well it worked in my own trading.

I received a Finance degree from California State University, Northridge and worked in corporate finance. But I couldn’t let go of my passion for investing.

Although I am a big basketball fan, I now spend less time on the court and more time on my road bike and in the swimming pool. I have two girls with my lovely wife, Jessica.

I have a passion for investing. It’s a pleasure to find great companies and see how competition, management, and other factors impact their growth over their life cycles. The best part is seeing how this all plays out on their stock charts.