Vida Bruozis

Managing Director, Institutional Sales

Los Angeles, CA 310.448.6872

I build and maintain relationships with many of William O’Neil + Company’s largest accounts, travelling throughout Asia, Europe, and the United States to meet with clients. Forming successful client relationships is my absolute favorite part of the job.

I was lucky enough to be mentored early on by Bill O’Neil and some of our experienced sales team, especially Jim Miller. He helped me form my own relationships with clients, and taught me a lot about strengthening and preserving those relationships.

We are still a small enough firm that our associates can really affect change. Many of our best services originated internally from associates who saw a need for something.

During college, I thought I might become a museum curator.  I studied art history at UCLA and worked at the J. Paul Getty Museum’s education and academic department. I helped take care of guests including visiting scholars and some of the world’s most prominent art historians.

After university I moved to Italy, however, I quickly discovered that the incredible wine and food were draining my savings account, so I returned to the States needing a job. I joined William O’Neil as a sales assistant and worked my way up through the sales department.

I’m a total adrenaline junkie. I love the feeling of confronting something that scares me, then pushing myself to overcome it.  After a skydiving mishap I still challenge myself. On a recent trip to Berlin, I tried “base flying,” where I jumped off a 42-story building attached to a harness, Mission Impossible-style.

I spend my weekends volunteering with several Lithuanian charities, doing everything from fundraising to cooking and helping out on scout retreats. Both my husband and I are of Lithuanian descent and our three children are learning the language and culture as well.

At O’Neil, we live, eat, and breathe the market. We are constantly working to become better. It’s built into our O’Neil Methodology that we go back and analyze our mistakes to find out what we did wrong. So many people are afraid to do this.