Gregory Jannetta

Chief Executive Officer

Boston, MA 310.448.6228

I am focused on building and developing a sales team to deliver our unique value added content and advisory services to our clients globally, including the U.S., Canada, Europe, Asia, and Latin America.

We have a unique opportunity to further develop our culture of trust and teamwork. This company has a heritage of stock-picking success that delivers alpha to clients. We are unbiased, given that we have no investment banking and we only have opinions on stocks, so we are able to share ideas with our clients about stocks.

After earning an undergraduate degree in economics and my MBA at Wharton, I sought a Wall Street position. I enjoy the sales process and helping clients and I wanted to work in the equity markets, so equity sales was a great fit. I started my career at Sanford C Bernstein and then worked in sales and sales management at a few of the global banks, including Credit Suisse and UBS Investment Bank.

In college, I had an internship working as a cold caller and stayed in sales after college, working at Proctor and Gamble.  Both of those experiences helped me learn about selling to clients and helped me develop entrepreneurial skills as I figured out how to build my businesses.

My interest in the stock market came from my grandfather. He was an investor and somewhat of a technician.  I would sit with him as he charted stocks on his Apple II computer.

I play a lot of sports in my spare time. Squash and golf are my two passions.

I sold equity research at the traditional Wall Street banks for 22 years, but what we do here is different. Our founder, William J. O’Neil, developed a methodology that removes emotion from buying and selling stocks. And it works. We have a truly differentiated product that can add value to our customers’ processes.